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Globe Life Family Heritage Division continues to grow because of one thing: our people. We have the BEST insurance sales force in the world because Globe Life Family Heritage Division truly operates as a family. We are passionate about our life and supplemental health insurance products and how they can help protect a family financially. Best of all, this career enables us to meet and help Americans just like us.

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Before joining Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America (FHL) in 2007, BJ Baker earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, with a major in Finance and Marketing.  “When I joined the FHL team, I came straight from college.  I always say this has been my only adult job,” recalls BJ.  “I was attracted to Family Heritage Life because of the flexibility and autonomy the system provided.  I knew my earnings would result from my own efforts and on my own terms,” he adds.

What makes BJ uniquely qualified to be an Agency Leader?  “I’m always finding quality, caring individuals who want to make a difference in others’ lives while improving their own.  I’ve been with FHL for many years and can relate to all Agents, no matter where they are on their own career paths,” he states.

Pride is evident in BJ’s accomplishments with FHL.  “I’ve been an ‘I Dare You’ winner five plus times individually and three times as a team.  I’ve also been a Centurion Sales Producer, and a Top Five Team Leader.  But my biggest reward is the life I provide for my wife and family,” he emphasizes.

BJ feels strongly about the importance of FHL products.  “The money we provide to clients is priceless, because they choose how to spend it.  I have many clients tell me how lost they felt with a cancer diagnosis and the financial peace FHL provided in that time of distress.  FHL took the weight off their shoulders and allowed them to focus on caring for their loved one or healing for themselves,” he stresses. 

Why join the Family Heritage Life team?  “As a leader, you’ll know with certainty you’re providing someone with the opportunity to create a destiny not possible through a traditional corporate structure.  Spend time with team builders and help train new Agents to enhance your career potential. You can live your ‘bucket list’ now while having a great career, instead of putting it off until retirement,” maintains BJ.

The future is exciting for the Baker Agency.  “’We’re in a town and county with tremendous growth potential.  We can offer face-to-face support that often falls short in many companies.  We’re known as the Agents who answer calls and show up for claims,” he states with pride. “But we do so much more in our communities.  We find local families dealing with illness like cancer and donate five to ten dollars for each sales call we make to assist with their out-of-pocket expenses.  We also donate to Strive, a state-approved organization that assists families with physically and mentally disabled children, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and other nonprofit organizations.  I’m also involved with my church,” he adds.

Having played baseball in college, BJ is a Yankees and Rockies fan.  He also plays golf, volleyball, and softball.  But the best times are those he spends with his beautiful wife, Sarah, and precious daughter, Wittlee.  “We do our best to put God first and love people,” he maintains.

Are you ready to take on a new and exciting challenge in your life?  Contact Family Heritage life today, because your future begins NOW!

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